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Post Hiatus

SO! Following my longest blogging hiatus, I am now back to entertain! YAY!

Not really. My life has consisted of the normal teenage blah that has become uninteresting. Guys you like forgetting about you, friends fighting, friends breaking up. The norm that I thought I was starting to get away from, but it appears that I’m stuck with it. On the much better side, I have an uncle in the military who’s home for Thanksgiving. I’ve got a brand new short story started that seems to be going really great. Soldiers seem to be my new theme.

I’m finally back into reading, thank God! A whole new list of books to read, so I’m really excited about that, and with the hour long trip to college Mondays through Thursdays plus the Thanksgiving holiday, I have plenty of time for it. Suggestions?! Anyone?

Fridays are my fun days. I work in a preschool with the most lovely kids I know and couldn’t think of a better job for me. High School is getting better, too, more of a challenge, less of a drag. I’m tired of classes you can skate by in. If you don’t force me to live up to my potential, I’ll slack just like any other of my lazy, rather sleep all day peers.

So that’s what my life has been, and now, post hiatus, I think this might help me not only fall back into a groove, but switch up some of the monotony of my life.

My Fictional Match

In spite of all sense that said to use my time wisely, I looked a movie up about two weeks ago on youtube (in all truth, I don’t know the reason), and instantly fell back into the spell of Anne of Green Gables. I’ve always loved Anne, and I suppose it’s because I can identify with her. I mean, look at her.

She’s bold, imaginative, an avid reader, she loves to compete to be the best at school, and she holds grudges a smidge too easily. She’ll take any dare you give her, and she’d more dramatic and theatrical than anyone needs to be. She drags herself into situations that could be entirely bad wihout even realizing it, but they always seem to turn out for the better. But MOST of all? She insists on being called Anne with an e.

Now look at me.

I’m generally impulsive, and books are my life. Without imagination, I think I would cease to exist, and as my previous statement proves, I am rather dramatic ninety percent of the time. If you even act rude to me with what I see as little to no cause, I have a tendency to dislike you, though I can’t bring myself to be rude to someone. I always end up in situations that can get me into trouble, but normally I get out of them without knowing I got int them until the end. School is fun for me, but I much prefer college because it’ a challenge, and it’s something I love to do. I love being happy, and I tend to take depression too far sometimes. And I HATE people spelling my name wrong.

So, I’d have to say that if I were to be turned into some fictional character from a classic, I’d be Anne, but since I’m not in Green Gables, I’d have to be Megan of Ratcliff?!

Who would you be?

Have a wonderful day… Byee!

Rainy Days and Optimism

Close your eyes a minute, picture rain drizzling down, the streets blackened from water and dreary faces everywhere. Picture unhappiness and sour attitudes hovering in the eyes of the pedestrians forced to walk today and blazing from the pores of the drivers that have been forced to slow their pace. That is my today.

In the little four town radius I call home, the rain is dampening everyone’s spirits, but in my opinion, the rain is beautiful. It can wash away dirt and, if you’ll let it, the irritants of the day. Today, it’s done just that. It has taken away the hurt and the worry, the sorrow and the tears, and it’s left in it’s place a shiny new day. My guy friend Jonathan told me yesterday of a belief about life, and it turns out that he was right. In the end, the goal is to try to stay positive, and I find that if you think of one bad hing, it helps to point out at least five good things to yourself afterward. It just brightens you up and takes your mind of the bad.

So, maybe- just maybe- the next time you look at the rain, try to see all the bad it’s washing away so you can see the good it’s hiding. Have a great day, everyone!

Sick of Today!

So, I have officially decided that today SUCKS! I get to school, find out I forgot about my presentation in Chemistry and then, almost directly after, I then find I made a 66 on my Algebra 3 test. For me, grades are important, so that 66 that brought my Algebra grade down to a C has officially ruined my day.

Now, on top of that, I’m sick, and I’m sitting in a computer lab because I totally forgot about the college class I’m SUPPOSED to be in until 1:45 today, and  then I get to show up at the class I have following that and listen to all of my fellow peers gripe at me for missing the first class, and I’m really just not in the mood for it. So, yes, my advice for today is this: If you wake up feeling like your entire day is going to go wrong like I did, turn over, pull the covers over your head, close your eyes, and do not- I repeat- do not get up, do not get out of bed, do not do anything becaus eyour day probably will turn out to be just as bad as you think it will.

Words of Wisdom from Megan S… Enjoy your day everyone.

Hours Wasted…

Why is it that every time you’re looking for something, it just disappears?

For me, it’s always like that. I am searching for something (this time a flash drive), and it desides it wants to play hide and seek. In the end I spend at least an hour searching for the dang thing, another thirty minutes cursing it and blowing up at people, and then someone distracts me (in this case Jonathan) and I totally forget how mad I am at the stupid thing for not being right where I want it. Normally they’ve got me laughing, or sometimes they just put me in a really great mood without trying. It’s insane, and then all of a sudden, as soon as they leave, I find said idiotic object sitting right where I left it though I looked there at least ten times.

It’s insane. I have decided that all objects that do not stay where we put them and hide from us should just die and become inconsequential to whatever we needed to do with them. That would be the ideal, though, and it seems that very few of the things that show up in my ideal world ever actually happen, so it looks like I’ll just have to deal with the hours of life I’ll waste on searching for a flash drive- or whatever other inanimate object that happens to be hiding from me at the time- for now.

Illusion of the Rainbow

Illusion of the rainbow… or as it is said in French, Ilusión De L’Arc-en-ciel…

No, I can’t speak French, and I’ll be appalled if I ever learn to, but I picked the phrase up from a book, and the thought has been stuck in my head the entire day. The concept of a rainbow is rather sad, really. I mean, it’s there but is it really there? We can see it, but we can’t touch it, and if we look away at the wrong time, we could look back and it might be gone. How sad a life is that? Yes, I know rainbows don’t feel, but in reality,  how would you like to live life as an insubstantial beauty, there only to be seen and disappear.

Now that fall is here, though, I am hoping to see this illusion more often though, as the rain and the sun combine.

Ilusión De L’Arc-en-ciel… Such a pretty saying for such a pretty sight. That’s my thoughts of the day. Thanks for reading! Bye.

Simplicity… In A Cloud!

Have you ever wondered about the clouds? No, I don’t mean in that scientific, what causes clouds to form, why do they drift, what kind is which way. I mean have you ever just wondered about them, ever truly noticed how much alike we are- clouds and people? I did today, and I thought, huh, if only life truly was that simple!

Sure, we’re so similar it’s apalling, but they lack the thought, the feeling, the emotions we endure every day to complicate their drifting, languid days. They mave along through life, some barely moving only to be pushed on by the clouds behind it. Others race ahead, almost as if they are leading the crowd, and there are a few stragglers that get left behind in the race. Every once in a while, you see two clouds merge and they never see to separate, like a forge of friendship or marriage even while other times the clouds seem to merge, but it’s truly only one cloud passing over another to go on to find it’s own path later on down the sky like a relationship gone ahead to split apart before the end.

So, the next time you see the clouds in the sky, look and try to find the one that most signifies you, name it, smile to yourself, and see- if only for that one day- if you can drift along… with the simplicity of a cloud…

This is Megan leaving on a cool night in October… Have a good one!

Writer’s Block

9:25 on the 11 of October, and what am I doing? Listening to the rain fall in sheets on our house and around the neighborhood begging inspiration to come to me in the form of a story idea. When writer’s block sets up camp, it feels like I’m cut off from the world, almost as if writing is my only way to communicate, and what happens as I realize that I am cut off from the world? I go insane. People start to irritate me, the mere mention of having a conversation gives me a headache, and I seclude myself until the idea comes. Often, I pick up a book and read, unconsciously searching for that one seemingly unimportant line in the story that sparks a whole new idea for me. Today, though, with no new books surrounding me and an apalling lack of willingness to re-read a book staring me in the face, I have decided to come and write this nonsense to you! That’s right, readers, I am taking my lack of ideas, throwing them at you, and hoping that by the end of this blog, an idea will spark up and light a fire in that creative part of my brain.

Am I being too hopeful? I think not because guess what! Said idea has sparked, and though the fire is just a dim blaze right now, hopefully it will turn into something magnificent. Perhaps a short story? I don’t know, but now I’m off to write a story about the hope of one little girl who had nothing but that hope left!  Bye!

The World…

When you think of the world what do you see?

I see the break-ups and make-ups that start in the teen years and never seem to end. I see the wonder of children and wonder where it all goes when we get older. I see the emptiness in some of our Veterans eyes and wish that wars never happened. Why is happiness always followed by pain, and must we always percieve someone’s loss as someone else’s gain? You see, I wish we could just live in a peaceful place. I don’t wish for perfection, just maybe a world where kids aren’t beaten and families are happy. Okay, so maybe I do wish for a perfect world, but I’d settle right now for a few steps in the right direction. Perhaps where children who do their best don’t have to worry about being put out on the streets because their parents are terrible, or maybe innocent babies never being killed in the womb again. So, when I think of the world, I think I see the desperate need of a little hope, and maybe someone who will step up and say, let’s stand up and fight for what’s right.

Scratch Paper

Today is a day for rambling I think. A day for just saying what’s on my mind. So, that’s what I’m going to do.

When I’m writing a story, it’s like I close my eyes, and it plays before me… almost like a movie in the theatres. At the same time, though, it’s better. A movie doesn’t play the characters as i see them, and it changes parts. My stories are pure and simple fiction, but while I’m writing them, they feel real. Like the character is there, guiding me, making sure their story is right, and that’s when I wonder… why do we even create movies from books? I mean, everyone knows that the book is always better. Do we do it for the money, or the publicity? The thought of doing it only for those reasons disgust me because for me, if not any other writer, writing is something pure and simple and done for others, not yourself. So, to simply gain money or fame, become an actor or actress, or work your tail eind off at doing something else because when you write a story for those reasons, you take away from the story and it slowly becomes nothing but a waste of time, and since we have so little time to work with in everybody’s mind these days, why waste the precious little that’s left.